Contracting Services
B. H. Graning Contracting Services

B. H. Graning Contracting, Inc. provides proposals for a variety of construction site preparation and pubic utility installation services in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Contracting Services
Stamped Concrete

From concrete driveways to stamped concrete patios, you can rely on B. H. Graning Contracting, Inc for all your concrete needs.

Contracting Services
New Road – Access Drive Grading

B. H. Graning Contracting, Inc. has the equipment and skilled operators to successfully coordinate and grade your construction site and access drive. We understand all aspects of a new build. Our team will provide a working construction access road and once the construction is complete, we then dress up the drive and surrounding grades.

Retaining Wall
Contracting Services
Entrance Wall at Western Carolina University

Using a retaining wall to open a space or generate a space larger than your current space may be the most viable option as the cost impact of the retaining wall will provide a greater benefit of allowing you to utilize a space better and at the same time the wall will be performing its job in retaining the area or bank it is incorporated in. We pride ourselves of being one of the best in our field in retaining wall and bolder wall installations.

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